Where To Go

Feeling a little lost? Here are some common spaces where we hold events!

The Commons

First Floor & Lobby

Commons Mainstreet

Lower Flat Tuesdays

2nd Floor & Mezzanine

Student Org Space


Sports Zone

3rd Floor

Skylight Room

Erickson Field

The grassy area in front of Erickson Hall, bordered by the AOK Library and Center Road.

The University Center

The Ballroom

On the third floor of the University Center (the Building with Chick-fil-A and Starbucks).


When we partner with the Starbucks on campus to hold late night events we will be in their location on the first floor of the UC.


Events in the RAC will generally be held on the recreation courts. When entering the RAC, the recreation courts are down the stairs to the right.

The Events Center

Events in the Events Center will generally large scale events.

The Loop

Events like bus trips would previously have met on the Commons Loop outside of the Yum Shoppe. However we are now in the era of the new drop-off area behind the Physics building! Events like bus trips will meet here.

Our Meetings!

Wow thanks for asking, we’re so excited you want to be a part too! For Fall 2018 our general body meetings will take place in UC 312